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     Teaching videos for deaf people, deaf leadership and their families


    Welcome from Lester Belt on Vimeo.

    This site presents truths with video tapes in sign language for deaf men, deaf women and deaf couples. The DFM Video Series has videos "Thoughts for Deaf Men" which are short videos sharing one thought that will be a blessing for men in their walk with God. Marriage Videos will have videos on the roles that men and women should have in their marriages. This series will surprise you. . Knowing God videos will share what the Bible says about how to know God from mostly deaf men, in a relaxed way, how to know the Lord. DFM Workshop Videos are videos from DFM Workshops from around the country. There are no videos at present but when workshops are done in the future we will be adding videos to this page. We suggest looking at the Marriage videos for now. We will also be giving information about upcoming workshops. Please come to the workshop nearest to you.


    Lester H. Belt